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What is Scrambled O?

Scrambled O is the name i go by on YouTube, where i make videos. Most of my videos contain camping, bushcraft/survival skills or just plain old campfire cooking. 

One thing I find really important is to show the reality of my experiences out in the woods all while keeping the videos enjoyable and entertaining. My trips to the woods never go exactly as planned. 

Scrambled O is a mentality.


Life is tough, stuff won't always go the way you thought it would. In fact, it almost never goes the way you imagined. What i try to show people through my videos, is having optimism pump through your veins is the key to remaining happy and creating a positive life. Life's challenges never stop, but the way you react to them is within your control.

I started making videos about 5 years ago but it started long before that. In high school I enjoyed making videos. I used to make my own mixtapes of video game highlights way before YouTube was even invented. I have always enjoyed the creative elements behind being a creator.

What to expect on my channel?

Only time will tell. 

I will continue to make videos that keep me happy. Hopefully you come along for the ride!

- Till next time. Scrambled O, signing off...

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